Public Liability Claims

Public liability claims extend to many different types of incidents which cause injury, including falls in public places (such as supermarkets or malls) and injuries sustained in school playgrounds, parks, recreation areas, theatres and even private homes, to mention only a few possible scenarios. Other injuries which may be compensable include dog bites and injuries caused by faulty products, including food, medicines or machinery. In many respects, public liability claims could be said to cover all claims for injury or damage other than motor vehicle accidents, medical negligence and workers compensation claims.

In order to be eligible for compensation it is necessary for the injured party to prove negligence. That is, it must be proved that another party was at fault in causing the injury. In the incident of a dog bite, for example, negligence may be present if the owner of the animal inadvertently left a gate open, enabling the dog to access public places and attack members of the public. In a supermarket where an injured party may have slipped on a dropped grape or lettuce leaf, it would be necessary to show that the supermarket failed to have in place a regular system of cleaning and inspection with a view to preventing such incidents.

If the incident results in death as a result of the negligence of the offending party, then the spouse, children and parents of the deceased may be entitled to claim compensation.

Public liability claims can be difficult to prove and we strongly recommend that an injured party obtain legal advice. At Paul Alvaro Lawyers we are experienced in investigating claims of this nature and negotiating settlements with public liability insurers.

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