Our Values

Our Clients are the primary/principle focus our practice.

We are empathetic, compassionate and understanding. We will honestly advise you of your rights and responsibilities and what your claim is likely to be worth.

Our advice will be practical, relevant and realistic.

We will diligently, conscientiously and passionately represent you to achieve the best outcomes. We will at all times endeavour to achieve a speedy resolution of your claim so that you can move on with your life and find some closure.

We welcome the opportunity of representing you in court, however we will not do so unnecessarily.

You will be made to feel comfortable at all times and you will find us active listeners and easy to talk to. However, we will not compromise our standards of excellence regarding our policy, practices, and procedures and our legal and technical skills.

Honesty and integrity are important to our practice as is our commitment to impeccable and uncompromising professional conduct.

We value and respect our staff as we do our clients and we also respect the lawyers against whom we act.

We are highly educated with diverse expertise, however we never stop learning and improving our knowledge base, our client service and our work ethic.

Whilst we will diligently, conscientiously and passionately represent you we believe that our lawyers should have an equitable work/life/leisure balance, and that they function more efficiently and effectively when this is achieved.